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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Living the Dream - if just temporarily

Good Morning everyone! We are having another mild morning with temps in the mid 60's. Praise the Lord! This is So not like Texas weather. Of course, we are on a warming trend so it will be getting warmer during the days than it has been.

 My son has already dropped my granddaughter off for the day. She was very tired and so he put her in our bad and she is sleeping. I am feeling very blessed this morning. Although I am SO used to having a quiet home and doing what I want to do when I want to do it, it has been wonderful to be able to spend this extra time with SweetPea.

When I was growing up - I always lived long distance from my grandparents and only got to see them on holidays and such. Although my husband's Mom and Dad divorced when he was 2 - his Dad's Mother and Step-dad - were nearby and invested a lot of time into my husband and his brothers. Because of this, my husband and I have always wanted to be the kind of grandparents that were available to help with the grandkids and invest time and energy into them. We want to make a difference.

During this past year, especially during the 6 months that we did not get to see SweetPea - we were worried that our dream would never be a reality, but we are so thankful that God is working it out. We don't get to invest as much time into her as we would like, but we are choosing to enjoy the time we do have with her. Gone are my to do lists - while she is here. I may do some dishes here and there or do some laundry or some other little chore but over all - those things are being put on the back burner. There is plenty of time to do them after her Daddy picks her up.

So on this beautiful morning - I am praising God for having the chance to live the dream - even if it is just temporarily!

I hope you all have a great day! :O)

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