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Monday, July 8, 2013

Touching Base

The first week that I took care of my granddaughter, SweetPea, the weather was wonderful - not the normal HOT weather that we have here in Texas during July. But of course, things never stay the same. We are back at temps in the mid to upper 90's this week. We have continued to play in the sandbox and water toy outside and of course her little house.
You know that is love - when Grammie is willing to be out in 90-100 degree temps because little SweetPea wants to play outside. Of course, we just have to spend short periods of time here and there throughout the day.
One day last week - we were able to get to a local park and play for a while. I am hoping that one day this week the temps will be decent in the morning so we can go to the park again.

SweetPea seems to be calming down a bit - and playing by herself here and there throughout the day. I am so happy to get to spend this time with her. I am sure that once July is over that I will miss her.

Well I just want to check in and touch base with you all. I have some ideas for some great blog posts - but I just haven't had very much down time in order to really work on them so I am writing down my ideas and will work on them when I can. I will continue to keep up my regular posts through the month. I just have to take some time here and there to get them typed up.

I hope you all are keeping cool this summer. Will check in again when I can. :O)

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