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Friday, July 12, 2013

Drawing Nigh to God....series


Drawing Nigh to God

Minnie E. Dauphinee

Working With Christ..... The Reward

Some years ago scores of ocean liners carrying thousands of immigrants from more than forty different European country sped across the Atlantic in an endeavor to reach the shores of the United States before midnight of June 30. At that hour a law would become effective which said that only so many immigrants from each country might enter during a certain period. Many arrived too late. The quotas were already filled. Disappointed and heartbroken, hundreds who had spent the savings of a lifetime with the hope of becoming citizens of this land of opportunity returned to the lands from which they had come.
We are bound for the heavenly Canaan and are nearing the end of our voyage on the sea of life. Heaven has no quota. All who make the necessary heart preparation in time- "now is the accepted time"- And bear "fruit unto holiness," shall not be disappointed when the midnight hour of God's probation comes.
"Eternity in glory shall I spend
And never, never have an end.
"Oh! shall I live in glory fair
As many millions years as atoms in the air?
"And when these are past as many more
To flow as grains of sand that bound the
ebbing shore?
"And when these are spent as many on the
As starry lamps that gild the heavenly arch?
" And when these run out as many more
As leaves of forest shaken by the wind?
"When these are past, as many more to flow
As blades of grass on hills and dales that
"When these are gone, as many millions more,
As every moment in the age before?
"When all these blissful years spent with my
glorious King
Are multiplied by myriads once again?
"Then an only then shall I begin to under
What God hath provided in His gift of life
to man."
_Author Unknown

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