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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What an Act of Kindness!

So about  week or so a lady that I meant at my Grandmothers funeral sent me a message on Facebook. She said that my Aunt had given her and her mother a finished quilt top that my Grandmother had made and did I want it?!
Well of course I would love a quilt that my grandmother had made. I was so excited.
About a week later, I got a package in the mail! I opened it up and this is what I found:

I was a bit disappointed when I first opened the package. The quilt is made of polyester fabric. I do my quilting with 100% cotton. I don't have experience working with polyester fabrics. But I got some great ideas from a great quilting buddy of mine who explained how you have church clothes and then jeans for every day durable wear - well polyester quilts are just like your jeans - they are more durable. So this quilt will be finished and it will be lovingly used for picnics and such.
And each time I use it - I will think of my grandmother!
There is a really good chance that these fabrics were old clothes that she no longer wore. I think it is a great family heirloom - even if it was different than what I expected.
I am also so very thankful that this lady and her mother were thoughtful enough to know that I would appreciate it and send it to me. What an act of kindness! :O)


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