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Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Week-end

*Salt in My Kitchen posted earlier today so don't miss it*

We had a very full week-end. This was a week end when my son had his daughter. These week ends consist of more family dinners and time together as a family. We are so very thankful that we are getting to spend time with SweetPea again. We sure had missed her.

I am going to start looking for more garage sales because I need more outside toys. I would love to get a sand box. SweetPea loves to play with rocks and I think she would love to play in a sand box. So we will either try to find one or my husband might build one.

My Mom had given us a little inchworm toy for her, but the first couple of times that she saw it she did not want to ride it. Finally on Sunday I asked her if she wanted to ride on inch worm and she said yes. So she did and had fun.

She also loves to chase butterflies around the yard. I love to watch her chase them. I have always loved butterflies and birds and all sorts of animals. And this girl sure has a love for animals. Oh and she loves ladybugs just like I do! It's a good thing we have ladybugs here and there in our back yard. Oh and flowers - she loves them too!

She really is a pleasant little girl - greets strangers and introduces them to us. Telling them, "This is my PaPa and this is my Grammie" Such a social little lady she is!

Another thing she loves is to go down the slide. And then go up the slide - it is at a low angle right now and pretty easy for her to go up - a little work but she loves the challenge.
The weather here has been beautiful this week end. Sabbath was hot and humid, but we got a bit of a break from the humidity on Sunday. And it was very pleasant. We opened up our house Sunday evening and it is still open this morning. I will have to close it down later today but I enjoy the time I get to have the windows opened and enjoy the fresh air. This is very unusual for us to have this cool of weather in June and I am sure taking advantage of it. 

I have a freshly mowed yard and I am planning on doing some weed eating today. I also have an area around some trees that I need to get cleaned up -so that too is on my agenda for today. I just wanted to check in with a little more personal of a post. I hope you all are doing well and enjoying your Monday.

I better get busy on my outside work- it is suppose to get pretty warm later today- 90 degrees or so. Have a great day! :O)


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