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Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Public Service Announcement -of sorts

When Tornado season started- boy did it start. Many different places have been affected by Tornadoes and then there are a lot of places where tornadoes have threatened but have not actually hit.
Well today I wanted to share what I think is a Public Service Announcement. It is a message that I think is very important to get out, especially to those people that have a chance of having a tornado.

This message came about because when a tornado- actually two different tornadoes were headed our direction- I had a strong urge to go get a pair of good shoes on - I am talking tennis shoes. If you have a tornado - it will be a VERY good idea to have a pair of shoes on that would help protect your feet as you walk over rubble. I know some might thing that this is might be a dooms day, negative way to look at things but I would like to suggest it is just being proactive. There is nothing that a person can do to change the direction of the tornado but a person can make sure they have their shoes on. There are other important things to remember and if you have any - please leave a comment to share with everyone. Thanks so very much! :O)

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