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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Art of Sympathy

Today I went to one of my favorite thrift shops. I love this thrift shop because I usually find great books there. Today I found a small little booklet. "Comfort for You" by Helen K. Oswald. The copyright says 1943, 1971 - and that it was revised in 1964. 
Comfort for You
I thought it was cool when I found it still being sold and looks like it has been updated. Here is where I found it. And I also borrow the photo of the book from their web page.

As I was glancing through the little booklet - I found something that just really stood out to me today. It is a poem called -"The Art of Sympathy" - it is a very good explanation of why we go through hard times, for when we do - we are better able to sympathize with others. Well I wanted to share this poem with you all.

The Art of Sympathy
Though knowest not what words to say
To brighten someone's darkened day?
Though hast not learned to sympathize,
To dry the tears from someone's eyes?
The art of cheer thou fain wouldst seek
But lackest knowledge how to speak?
Then shrink not from life's deepest woe,
And sympathy shall in these grow!
Rebel not when thine eyes must weep,
When others 'round thee peaceful sleep;
'Tis only thus the power is born
To comfort other hearts that mourn!
~ Pearl Waggoner Howard
And another poem that nicely goes with the other one.

We must suffer the darkest night
Before we can see the stars,
And oft sorrow and grief must come
In the battle that leaves its scars.
For we would not care for the sun
Nor the shining of the day,
If never faced the darkness
Without one guiding ray.

We cannot appreciate heaven,
When no blot earth's beauty mars:
We often forget our Saviour
Until trouble our pathway bars.
And then, when wayworn and weary
We kneel at the cross alone,
We find the perfection we're missing,
The sweetest peace we have known.
~ Inez Brasier
These poems give us a lot to think about. And I don't know about you but it is encouraging to my soul to read about how the dark days of my life - can and will be used to help others. Praising God for His guidance in my life today and everyday.

This is the second post today - so if you have not read - "What an Act of Kindness" be sure and check it out.


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