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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Three Important Way to Prevent Osteoporosis

Last week I took my Mother-in-law to the Dr. If was an appointment that I was glad I went to. I found out some interesting information that was helpful to me. And I am going to share with you all - just in case this is something someone else needs to know.

My Mother-in-law at age 75 had her first bone density test just a month or so ago. I don't know how she feel through the cracks on this test- too bad she did not have it done a few years ago, maybe then she would have gotten some information to help her take better care of herself. Anyway she found out that she is just a couple of clicks away from having osteoporosis. She is at a -2.3 an at 2.5 you are considered to osteoporosis. At -2.3 she is considered to have osteopenia.

The Dr. shared with us that fact that the body will work hard to have enough calcium. And if you are not getting it in your diet and supplements - then the body will start pulling from your bones- and your bones get porous.

So there are several different ways to get calcium- the best way is by a healthy plant based diet. You can get calcium from dark leafy vegetables, sesame seeds, chia seeds, almonds, and so many more. I will include a couple of photos that show great sources of calcium. So refer to them. And of course, there is calcium supplements. These supplements usually have Vitamin D which is also very important in the health of your bones. (My Dr. says anyone over 35 really need to take supplements of calcium and D- just to make sure of your bone health. And last but not least - is the importance of using hand weights. Three or Five pound weights are great to use - I would suggest if you haven't used hand weights before - start with the 3 pound weights. And try to use the weights at least 3 times a week. By using hand weights you stimulate bone growth.

I also learned that women who are menopausal - no longer getting the hormones that you get before menopause- are at a higher risk of getting osteoporosis. There are also a list of diseases that cause a person to have more of a risk of getting osteoporosis. There is also a list of medications that also raise a persons risk of osteoporosis- chemotherapy is one of them- I learned this when I went to get my bone density test this year. Thankfully I am doing good. And now I know even more information that can help me work towards keeping my bones strong and healthy.

If you have any of the risk factors that I mentioned - you may want to google - osteoporosis or osteopenia and see what you can find out. There may be some important information for you to help you work towards better health. These conditions are things that we can avoid. The best thing we can do is to work towards better health by following the health principles. Please join me in doing what you can to be healthier.

Oh and if you don't commit to taking better care of yourself - you could end up on a once a week medication that can help strengthen your bones. But why take a medication -when you can add more calcium rich foods to your diet and commit to lifting weights just 3 times a week.

Now if you have to take medications for osteopenia or osteoporosis - then please follow through and do so. If you have osteoporosis - you can get fractures so much easier - even from just sneezing. And once you get a fracture it is much harder to treat those patience with osteoporosis. So please take care of yourself.

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