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Monday, January 2, 2017


Ok - So I thought that I would be doing a health series based on the Acronym NEW START, but I have found a book that has a little different set up and I thought it would be the best thing to start this year with. It is from the great book named - Somethin' to Shout About! It is by Donna Green-Goodman, MPH
This book came about because of what her Drs termed aggressive, terminal breast cancer. She decided that she needed to take better care of herself and adopted a better lifestyle. I will be sharing only a small portion of this book -so if you have a chance to read it - you may want to. This book is 185 pages long. It begins with her story, next comes a section that has a lot of recipes(I hope to start trying some recipes and maybe share a couple here on my blog) she also includes some helpful charts along with other helpful information.
"We believe that there are Lifestyle Principles that are really your Best Way to Health! Whatever your lot in life: rich, poor, black, white, educated, uneducated, young or old, if you begin to practice these principles, you can significantly reduce your risk for many diseases, improve your current disease state and recover your health.
Take a close look at the following Lifestyle Principles. As you begin to adopt them into your daily life, I guarantee, you will have better health. Lifestyle Principles, your BEST WAY to Health!"
B- Bedtime Regularity
E- Exercise
S-Sunshine and Simple Diet
T- Temperance

W- Water
A- Air
Y-Yielding to Divine Power
Be watching for this series. There is a lot of great information for each of these categories that you will not want to miss.  See you soon! :O)

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