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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Accountability and a Revised Goal

So one of my goals is one I have placed in motion on January 1st. On the morning of January 1st - I weighed myself. And then I recorded that weight in my journal. I then made up a years worth of check ins. So now every week I will weigh myself and I will record my weight. This way I can keep track of how I am doing. 
I have been doing this since the beginning of July when I began my 50 by 50 goal. I am very glad I did that because there are many times when while a person is losing weight by means of a healthier lifestyle - that the weight lose is slow. And if you do not have something to refer back to - sometimes you begin to think that you are not losing weight at all. But when you have it in black and white - or what ever color you are marking it each week - you are easily able to see how you are improving - even if it is slow progress. Remember any progress is good progress- slow or not. Sometimes it better for body to lose it slow- it gives your body a chance to catch up to the weight lose.
So my new goal- is to never weight what I weighed on January 1st again. I still have 23 more pounds to reach my 50 by 50 goal and I am hoping to be able to reach that goal by my next birthday in 11 months - if not sooner. By writing down my weight I know what it is- and by continuing this practice the rest of my life - I intend to keep my weight under control. No more ignoring the scales like they don't matter- meanwhile the numbers go up. I am in no means suggesting a person weigh all the time- that can be unhealthy. But it is a good idea to at least weigh once a week to see how you are doing. And it is even better to keep track of that weight each week- then you can tell when it is creeping up and you can get it under control quicker that way.
A goal that I have revised is the one about walking 3 miles. As you know I have had knee problems for the last few months and so a goal to walk 3 miles may not be a reasonable goal - and remember we only want to set goals that are attainable. So my goal in fitness - is just to continue to try to be as active as I can. And to work with my hand weights at least 3 times a week- this is for strong bones - I know this is very important for me to do.

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