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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Favorite Things

So I have a new favorite!
And I also learned that at Christmas time - is a great time to try new shampoos!
So I had wanted to try this shampoo. And I had picked up a shampoo and a conditioner, but thankfully before I left the store - I saw an endcap that had a packaged deal- it had a shampoo, a conditioner and the hair mask stuff- all for just under $10.00! Now that's a great deal because if these  3 things were purchased separately it would cost just over $16.00. So if you want to try a new shampoo - be sure and look around the stores around Christmas and see if you can try it for a deal. And I may have missed out on an even better deal - because if  had have been staying up with cutting out my coupons - I might have had a coupon and been able to save even more money!!

And by the way - this stuff smells awesome and seems to do well with my hair. I am having some issues with static in my hair - and I have some pointers for that coming up in another post. Stay tuned.

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