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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Public Service Announement

A month or two ago our pastor's wife ended up in the hospital with meningitis. When he came to the hospital to visit my husband when he had his surgery a couple of weeks ago- we asked him if they ever figured out how she had gotten meningitis. And his answer surprised us both so much that I thought I needed to share the information with you all.

Pastor D said that he and his wife had been working on cleaning out the garage. And had been sweeping up mice droppings - and that apparently she had gotten the meningitis from the dust from the droppings. Wow! I had never heard that before. Have you?

The Dr said the best way to clean up mice droppings is to take some bleach water - and spray the area, let it dry and then sweep it up. The bleach water will help kill the germs and keep it from having the dust that could make you sick.

Pastor D said that he and his wife had been working in the garage, but only she had gotten sick. Apparently her immune system was compromised and made it where she got sick. She is till recovering from this - and Drs say it could take some time for her recovery.

I just wanted to share this with you all - just in case it was something that could possible help prevent someone else from getting sick. :O)

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