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Thursday, May 5, 2016

The rest of Day 3

Alright when I left off of telling about our third day of vacation - it was a little after noon. And we were off to Victoria Texas. We had a bit of excitement on this part of the trip. During a section of this trip - I could not believe the amount of bugs that we hit- a WHOLE bunch of black bugs. When we got gas - I was trying to clean the windows and I could not get enough elbow grease to get the bugs off- thankfully my husband was able to do a better job. I know, I know...that really isn't excitement is it? Well here is the excitement. So we are driving down the road minding our own business. We had noticed quite a few Border Patrol vehicles - both on our way South and now on our way back. But we were still surprised when we drove around a curve in the road - and came to orange cones the ushered us through and Border Patrol check point. Several officers along with at least one drug sniffing dog. As we got to the office - we were asked if we were citizens - as the dog sniffed our car- seconds later- we were back on the road. It all happened so fast that I did not get any photos. Certainly a new experience for us!

Well a couple of hours later - we made it to Victoria Texas. I had looked at things to do in this town and had picked my top several things that I wanted to do. And we decided since it was already 4:30pm - we would pick the garden to check out first, since it was opened until dusk. It ended up being a favorite thing that we did on this trip for me anyway.

This was just a sneak peak into how beautiful this garden was!

After spending an hour or so at the garden - we were getting hungry and went to find something to eat. Jason's Deli was where we chose to eat. My husband was so disappointed! They have a lot of BBQ places in Victoria Texas and we had planned to eat at one. We just did not realize that most of them close early. So by the time we were going to eat most were closed. Thankfully our meal at Jason's Deli was pretty good. I had a half sandwich with a bowl of broccoli soup. It was very yummy - and an ice cream to finish it off.

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