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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Safe Disposal

Do you know that their are dangers if you do not dispose of batteries properly? Well the biggest danger can come when you don't dispose of a 9V battery properly. I will share a little story of something that happened at my husband's workplace just to give you an idea of what can happen if 9V batteries are not disposed safely.

In the last couple of weeks - there was a small trash can fire because a battery was not disposed properly. They are suppose to wrap the battery up in tape. That way if there is a bit of juice left in the battery and it comes in contact with a metal object - a fire does not start.

So if you have 9V batteries that you are getting rid of - you, too, might want to wrap it up with tape first - just to be safe.

The reason I heard this story is because our smoke detector needed a new battery and I saw my husband wrapping our old battery up with tape and asked him about it. And I figured if that was not something that I knew before - that I should share it here with you all. Now I know that not too many of us have lots of metal or what ever properties of things that could ignite a fire in our trashcans - but it truly is best to be safe than to be sorry.

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