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Sunday, May 15, 2016

I see London...France...

Isn't this the funniest things?

Just a public service announcement. Leggings are NOT pants. And you should find a nice long tunic to wear with them. Something that covers your rear end. I have seen people wear them as pants - and you may not be able to see the view that others see - but trust me when I say many times your underwear show through. Not only that many time - many of your creases and folds of you - show up clearly. So please remember - they are not pants to wear alone- find a great shirt that is long enough or a short dress to cover up your private parts. No one really wants to see - what shows through...

I figure none of my reader do this - but I couldn't pass up sharing such a cute funny from Maxine - and at least give you a laugh! LOL :O)


  1. Lisa,
    This is one of the best blog reminders I've seen in a long time. People wear those leggings as pants over here too. It drives me crazy. I just want to tell the gals I see to cover up and get some self respect! It's as bad as the men who wear their jeans lower than their underpants.

  2. Amen and amen! I attempted to do some online shopping yesterday and even when I added the word "modest" to my search....I got some pretty shocking images. It feels like just trying find to get dressed in a decent way is becoming a harder and harder battle to fight!

  3. Your post reminds me of this:
    - Anita Renfroe's 'Those Aint Pants'.

    Please ensure that your bladder is empty before watching.LOL!


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