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Monday, May 16, 2016

I Scored!

 Last week - I went to a favorite little thrift store and I found some awesome books!! As you can tell I found several of Morris Venden book's. He had twenty something books - and I would love to find them all! When I am able to get them for 50 cents for soft cover and 1.00 for hard back - it makes it something that I can do and it won't break the bank! In fact this pile of books cost me about 4.00! 
So since God has been trying to teach me the importance of surrendering my life and my will to Him - made it a logical choice for me to start with this book:
"Salvation By Faith and Your Will" 
Plus this little "Welcome" yard art - was only 1.50. 

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  1. Ooh! You found a great stash! I love Morris Venden's books, but I never had access to the older ones. Mom had 'To Know God' and a few more, and I own 'The Answer is Prayer' but I have never seen any of yours 'in the flesh'. That's a treasure trove right there, Lisa.


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