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Monday, May 9, 2016

Getting Mooned....

I am so sorry that it seems as though I have been dragging my feet at posting photos and such from our vacation. What actually happened is that when we got back we had a lot of stuff to get done to get caught up with - because we had been gone. And it seems like every week has been like that. Each week I am making my normal list of things I want to get done - but I try to add a few extras just so I can stay caught up on things. So last week - I put cleaning carpets, cleaning bird cage, cleaning fish tank, and mowing the yard as priority. Well I got every thing done except for I needed to push mow a couple of places in the yard that I just cant get the riding lawn mower to do the job. I also needed to mow the chicken yard. Well yesterday thankfully my husband helped me get that stuff done. And then we also got some branches cut off of some trees that were hanging down too far- and they were making it hard to mow around those areas. So thankfully all of my list got done.

This week I have decided that I need to make a priority to get the rest of the vacation posts ready and posted. I also have a few other things that I have taken note of that I want to share. SO getting these posts done will be a priority. I also really need to see if I can find some youtube videos about my new quilting machine- and watch a few to give me a bit more information of the how to's before I start quilting - for real. I have been practicing the last few weeks - but I am wanting to get on with it- I have 4 quilts to quilt, thankfully they were all either lap quilt size or twin sized quilts. I am very happy for that since I really would like to learn on the smaller size before I even attempt a bigger sized quilt. So hopefully this week I can watch some videos and then I am hoping to actually get one of the quilts - quilted! That right there will be a challenge for me - because sometimes I am  little intimidated to do things I have never done before. Anyway I am working on the courage to get one done.

Courage - well that is something I have felt like has kind of went down lately. The reason - well I have a dime sized knot just under the skin it is to the outer side of the bend at my elbow- you know where you get blood drawn - well out towards the outer bend- is where this knot is. I have had it for 2-3 months. I have probably already mentioned it here. Anyway when I go see my oncologist next week - I will be asking her what she things I should do. There is a consensus of those I have talked to about it - that I need to have it checked out, which will more than likely lead to having it removed - another surgery...  And to be honest that scares me. I am really not wanting another procedure but if that is what is suggested - then I know it is the best thing to do. So that is why has lead me to move forward with quilting - even though it has been intimidating to me. I don't want to allow fear to stop me from moving forward.

So anyway that is what is going on here. Oh and I have a funny little photo to share with you all today.

"Happy" was a Mother's Day gift from my son and his fiancé. And the gnome - the mooning gnome - well that is something my husband had said he wanted and I found the cutest one I could find and got it for him. So it was sitting on the table when I got my "Happy" and I had set him down. Well then we noticed how funny it looked that "Happy" had those shocked eyes- yeah its with a big smile - but it you pay attention to just the eyes you can see the shock on his face at getting mooned! I thought it was so cute - I couldn't pass up sharing it! I hope it gave you a smile for the day!!

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