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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Day 4 or/and Mooned Again....

So Wednesday morning we had a great breakfast. I was very happy with how nice this place was - I had been impressed with it the first time around - but after where we stayed at SPI - I was even more impressed. We packed up our things. But before we left Victoria we had one more stop.
We went to The Texas Zoo in Victoria Texas you can click and go to their website to find out more.
Anyway we had a nice time - even though 3 or 4 bus loads of children got there right before we did. We were able to get inside and head a direction a bit differently than they were going and have a nice visit to the zoo.
We walked into a building that houses their snakes and reptiles and were amazed at the fact that we could hear the mad rattle snake as he shook his tail. He was all coiled up and ready to strike. In fact, he stuck towards me - even though there was a nice thick glass between him and I - it still scared me and I went to the other side of my husband who then took some photos of him. That snake keep his eyes on Jason - if Jason moved to one side - the snake was ready to strike in that direction- if Jason moved to the other side- the snake recoiled himself enough to be able to strike again. That was one mad snake!
Have you ever been Mooned by a peacock?
Well now you have! lol :O)

 Here he is showing off his beautiful feathers!
Here you have a male, female and oh yeah -I hadn't noticed when I took the photo - but another male peacock.
Here is something amazing that I captured in photos- and did not realize I had captured it until after I had taken the photos and my husband pointed it out to me.
I was taking the photos of the lizard in order to capture a photo of him with his orange/pink balloon thing at this throat that he would puff out ever so often.
 What I captured was the lizard changing his color in order to blend in with his surroundings.
Until he had gone from green to brown.
Oh and that is when I captured the photo I was wanting!  
Some of the animals were watching us:
Some of the animals were resting: 
Some were down right sleeping
And some where hanging around eating:
That is just a handful of what we saw at The Texas Zoo! If you are ever in that area be sure and check it out. It is not a very big zoo - when compared to big town zoos but it was a very nice zoo. And I am glad we took our time to visit it.

Once we were finished at the zoo - we were on the road again - this time we were headed to La Grange Texas. And since I have so many photos for this post already and blogger was giving me a bit of trouble downloading them - I will continue this day of the trip tomorrow. Come back by to check it out. See you then. :O)

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  1. Beautiful! I never say no to cute animal photos. Even at the risk of being mooned. :-D


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