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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Day 4...part 2

So a little over an hour later- we arrived in La Grange. We had several stops here- there was just one problem. Because we cut our vacation down a day - we ended up getting to La Grange the day before the museums that we wanted to check out would be open. But we had to at last stop and check them out. Because there was at least some parts of them that could be check out - even when museums were closed.

First stop: Texas Quilt Museum. As I mentioned earlier - it was closed but they have this awesome mural painted on the wall of the museum and a cute little garden to the side of the museum so we stopped and walked through it.

 I enjoy gardens, I seem to love them more and more the older I get.
I enjoy seeing the beauty of nature and it always amazes me what God's love
by all the wonderful things He created for our pleasure.
Next on our list was something that meant a lot to my husband to see. His Father had worked for MKT for many years and so when I had read about a Train Depot that they had in La Grange - it just had to be on our list of things to check out.
Click on the above to read more about this awesome Depot.

 As you can see there are railroad cars behind the train station. There were two of them.
We got lucky! A real blessing from God. There was a man there restoring the wooden train car- and he let us go into the side that he was working in. And if that wasn't cool enough- he had a key to the museum and he opened it up and let us look around. That is the reason we were able to get some cool photos of the inside as well!

After taking some time to eat lunch at a Mexican restaurant. We headed to Waco Texas next.
We went to Magnolia Market! For those of you who have seen the show - Fixer Upper - with Chip and Joanna Gaines know exactly what I am talking about here. This is their shop and property. It is more than just a store- I would suggest that you go to the link above to check it all out - you get a lot of awesome photos - and can see how cool this place really is.

 I was greatly inspired by these next four photos!

 Aren't they the cutest little things?! I loved them! And came home wanting to make my own!
Now the problem is that the galvanized bowl that they used to make these - sell at their shop for like $40.00 and to me, that is high. We have been looking and have not found anything that I want to use to make myself one of these - but we continue to look. Be watching for a post about my - not it is a gnome garden - because I found a kit for a gnome garden and loved it so much - you should see the little tiny bird bath that it has!! Anyway - that's another post.
This is what we bought while we were at the Magnolia Market. And to be honest - they are not very practical at all. I love the look of them - but if you try to use them - way TOO much salt/pepper come out - they needed 1/2 the amount of holes. Anyway I was disappointed for sure because I had really wanted to be able to use them.
And did you by any chance notice the blue sky in this photo - along with many of my other photos?
Well that big chance of rain that we saw before we left home for our vacation - well we only had to drive through 2 rain showers- one was a bit heavy and I had to slow down to about 40 miles an hour on a 70 mph zone - because I couldn't see good enough to go faster.
And then the one night that we got storms and hail. I think God in heaven that we were able to have a nice vacation with very little rain. It sure was an answer to prayer.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about our vacation. We had a nice time - but as always was happy when we finally made it home. We love being at home- we have believed that notion that I seen going around Facebook - create a life that you don't have to take a vacation to get away from. :O)  

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