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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Being Prepared ~ a Different Angle

This past Sunday our power went out all of a sudden. I was so thankful that we had flashlights handy - and a lighter - so I lite candles throughout the house. Last week my husband and son had gotten a truck load of wood for our fire place. We had not have a chance to get it into the house, but my son went out to the truck and got a couple of loads for us. He started a fire and we spent the next hour and a half in the living room - where it was warm and cozy.

I was so thankful that we had the things we needed. I was also thankful for the sconces that I have on the wall in the main bathroom and in our bedroom. I lite those candles and we had just enough light in those rooms. The candles in those were burnt down and I was happy that they at least lasted through out power outage. I let the rest of them burn down and then I will be cleaning the scones out and putting a brand new candle in there. That way we are ready for the next time that they are needed.

Having flashlights with fresh batteries, candles and lighters are very important to have- especially this time of year. It makes situations that could be unpleasant - much more pleasant and enjoyable.

Of course, the power went out during the Cowboy game so my husband was not at all pleased, but he endured it.

I had made up a big pot of soup. The only problem was - I had not made up a pan of corn bread yet. It would have been fine to eat the soup without cornbread. But praise the Lord! the power came back on and I was able to get pan of cornbread going.

When you go without electricity for a period of time - you begin to be more thankful for things that you normally take for granted. Like your light bulb in the fridge. My son was wanting to make something - and I found him in the kitchen with a candle - looking around in the refrigerator.

This week I am going to try to make sure we have a good amount of fire wood in the house. And I also want to clean out the fire place so that it will be ready for the next usage. I will also be seeing what else needs to be done so that the next time something like this happens. We will have everything we need.

I hope you all are keeping warm and cozy. It is quite chilly here. There was a very good layer of ice on windshields this morning- I had bought one can of deIcer for my husband - but had not thought my son would have to leave for work so early - but he ended up having to go in at 5:50am. So a couple more cans of DeIcer are on my new list of things needed.
Have a wonderful day:o)

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