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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Movie Recommendations/ Please Share Your Favorites

It has been a few days, hasn't it? Well when it is so hot and there only seems to be things going on in my life that if I shared with you all - it would all come across as a lot of complaining. So I decided to follows my Mother's wise advice - If you don't have anything nice to say- don't say anything at all. I really try to be real with this blog. I am turned off by bloggers who act as if life is all roses and sunshine. And maybe it is for them but it is not for me and so I am not drawn to those kinds of blogs.

My husband is having some health issues and having to have all sorts of test done in order to try to get to the bottom of it all. Our pile of medical bills seem to be getting bigger. I don't know about all of you but I know that the President's changes to health care have only hurt our family. Big time...

My husband is trying to sell his motorcycle so we can pay these bills that are piling up. But with the economy being as it is - it has been hard. The weather being in the hundreds for days on end - does not help one bit either.

And speaking of the weather - when you have to be out in it a lot - it sure makes you grumpy. The other day I was getting water for my chicken and there was a group of blue jays in the trees and even they were squabbling.

I won't share the rest of the issues going on but I am sure you got the idea alright.

This past week or so I have taken advantage of having Netflix. I have found a few gems lately that I wanted to share. There is a good amount of humor in them and they are just good clean movies.

If any of you have any ideas of some other great movies. Please be sure and leave a comment and let me know of them. I would love to have some more good movies to watch. :O)

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation of The Lightkeepers--it looks good!

    Tom and I watched a nice movie last night (extremely clean) called Tornado Valley. It's an instant-view movie at Netflix. You might like that one, too. :) Blessings, Debra


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