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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Don't Lay Still

Don't lay still...This is great advice for my chickens on a HOT Texas afternoon. When the temperature outside is sitting at 113.

This afternoon about 2 hours I had went out and got some fresh water my chickens and and ran some water through their creek, I got a scare. I had been headed to my bathroom and noticed a chicken laying in one of the holes that they have snuggled out in the dirt. Another chicken went to it and was kind of picking at the one laying still. The one laying down did not move. All I could think was that I had lost a chicken. By the time I got outside -the chicken was moving around and acting normal. I was praising the Lord!!!!

When I had went out to get the chickens fresh water - I had found a bird floating- dead in one of the buckets that I have outside with water in it. I have a couple of them by the fence so that the chickens can get water. The metal watering containers are expensive and I wanted to have a few choices for the chickens and the birds. Poor little birdie. It is so hot. My heart goes out to the wild life.It has been so dry and so hot. I am doing my best to keep water in the bird baths and the containers filled for the birdies and wild life.

Earlier in the day, I ran some errands and since I was in town I stopped by a couple of my favorite thrift stores and guess what I found??? I found some great deals!!

For only $1.50 - I added this beauty to my collection. Avon and the year 1977 are actually on the bottle. Love it!

And this bell!! For only a Dollar! It has an indention on the bottom of it and there is actually a bell in it and it rings when you move it. It is a great addition!

And another great find for only a dollar! This one I put on the top shelf in my dining room for now.

I was totally thrilled with my finds. Sometimes you find some real treasures some days you don't. Today was a great day!!


  1. Oh! I love all of those. I'm not a big fan of Avon things, but I really, really do like those! Congrats on your finds...Debra

  2. Poor little chicken! I'm so worried about my chickens too,this heat is just too much for them! I've been letting mine out of the coop to free-range and find the coolest spots in the yard. Fortunately, the dogs on our road find it too hot to bother them!

    I haven't had a chance to comment much, but I just LOVE reading about your Avon collection! So pretty and brings back wonderful memories of my grandmother's collection!


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