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Monday, May 15, 2017

My Best Deal

So on our last post about "My Best Deal" I told of Goodwill having a 50% everything sale. I went to one of the Goodwill's in the area and I only found one thing- but that one thing was just what I had wanted.

Several months ago I realized that I needed something to put on my desk to hold my books. I wanted something that was not only useful but cute as well. I had a pile or two of books and it just looked messy and not only that - it made it challenging to do my studies there.

I had looked around here and there trying to find something to help my desk be more organized. I had bought a small plastic lidless container and I had placed some books in it - and have it some where other than my desk. This container has books that I want to read - but not the once on my immediate list. So I was still looking for something for my desk. And to be honest - I had about given up. So much so that I had forgot that I was looking for something to help organize my desk.

That is until I was at that Goodwill looking in the last area of the store before I was going to leave. I was looking in furniture and I just happen to notice this little gem!

I loved it because of the hearts. And hadn't really remembered that I needed something for my desk until after I bought it.  
I turned it over and the price tag on it was - $1.99!! 
So with tax - I only paid $1.07 for it!!!

What a great price for something that I had been looking for - for quite some time; Something that would help me organize my desk! I was very happy leaving that store!!

And even more happy when I got home and put it on my desk and found that it was the perfect fit!!!
My blocks are about 12 inches - so you can tell this is only about 14 inches wide. It is small and it is cute, but it is very useful indeed!!!

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