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Monday, May 8, 2017

Did I accomplish My Goals?

Last week I challenged myself by setting several goals. I really needed to get some things done and life had been so busy that I had kept putting jobs off each week. And last week I decided I have got to get this stuff done.

Well it ended up being a good thing to set the goals because I actually got some things done last week; but sadly not all.

So I had been so busy I had not been able to exercise as much as I had liked to for a couple of weeks and I knew in order to make progress towards losing the goal of 50 pounds that I have set for myself - I would need to be exercising. I just can't seem to lose weight without exercising. I was able to get my 2 days of walking in along with my 2 days of working out with weights. And I am happy to report that I also was able to do 2 of my Rise Up exercise programs without weights as well. It was great week for exercise!

I was able to get the bird cage cleaned out and thankfully my husband tackled the fish tank without even being asked. I like it when that happens! Not very often but I enjoy it when it does. I also got my friend's quilt repaired! I have not delivered it yet- that will happen this week - probably. I had a burgundy quilt that I wanted to get quilted. Well I was able to get it onto the quilting machine - I got all of the bobbins ready for it and the machine all set up and ready so when I do get a chance I will be able to get it quilted. So hopefully this week I will be able to get that done. I also was able to get my next BOM pieces cut out and some of them together. I still have some work to go but will have it done this week no doubt. It isn't due for a month but the good thing is when I get it done and out of the way early in the month - it frees me up to getting other sewing projects done. And I have several other things I have going. Like blocks for a red, black and white quilt that I have been working on when I get a chance.

So results- I accomplished most of what I wanted to. Only problem is I was pretty busy and as you can tell I was not able to get on here and post anything. Hopefully this week will give me more time to post. Today I have already taken my MIL to an appointment. And I have a dental appointment later this week. Next week will be a busy one with me seeing my oncologist and taking my MIL to two appointments.

So do I have goals for this week? Why yes I do! I tend to do better when I set goals. A person needs to hold their plans loosely because sometimes God has other plans. But setting goals can really help you accomplish what you want to get done.
Image result for sesame seed benefits
(as you can tell this was borrowed from internet but as the website on it- so credit is given)

For this week - I want to work out with weights - not 2 times but 3 times. I already worked out with weights this morning so I am well on my way. And just a side note- I am using my 5 pound weights more and more. I would like to walk at least 3 times too. I would like to get my burgundy quilt quilted. And I would like to get bread made. I found a recipe for some sesame seed bread that I want to try. I have recently read how sesame seed are actually pretty good for a person. And I enjoy trying new things out. Anyway there is yard work - like getting the front yard mowed- and a section on the side of the house, by the RV that really needs to be mowed and cleaned up. I also would love to get in my yard and use my new loppers my husband bought me last week!
So those are my goals. Have you sat any goals? Or did you set any goals last week and find out that it helped you reach the goal? I would love to hear about it.
Oh and by the way - I finally lost another pound by adding so much exercise to my schedule. I have now lost 34 pounds and have 16 more to lose! Slowly but surely progress is being made!

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