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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

My Best Deal OR My Motivation

Best deals aren't always the cheapest deals. This is something important to remember. Sometimes you have to pay more for quality. And especially if you are able to get a good deal from the original price. This is the kind of deal I got last week. But before we go on with my deal I need to address the other part of the title to this post.

A week ago I went into the local consignment store to check on a pair of capris- I knew I loved them because I have a pair- plus with the pink piping on all the pockets - how could I resist?! I couldn't remember if they were once size down from the pair I have or two. So I went to check. Sadly they were 2 sizes down and already seem to be sized a bit smaller than their sizing. So I passed on them. 

While I was there I looked through the dresses. I love dresses and need to replace dresses that I have had to get rid of because they no longer work for me. I pulled several out to try on. When I put on the black one with polka dots that were smaller on the bodice that gradually increase in size to the bottom of the dress, I realized that I loved it! The length was great! And I loved the fabric! The sizing of it worried me a bit. Would I be able to fit into this dress nicely when I lose the rest of the 15 pounds that I want to lose or would it still be too tight? That's when I noticed the price tag- or should I say the two price tags- it was brand new with tags! Tags that said $79.99! Wow! The tags from the store said $14.99- which by the way is more than most dresses their. Usually the prices are about $9.99. I had never seen a dress that high there before. But with the original price being almost $80.00 I couldn't be that surprised. 

Well I actually did not get it that day. I was concerned as to if it would look nice and it- since it was a smaller size than I am thinking I'll be in 15 pounds. Later that week I had taken my MIL to an appointment and after wards we stopped by the consignment shop and sure enough it was still there. I tried it on again and this time I was confident that it would probably be my favorite dress by the time I loose the rest of the weight. So I bought it!! And it will just be a little motivation for me to continue on in this journey towards being healthier. 

So best deals aren't always the cheapest deals! Sometime you have to pay a little more for great quality. I'm very happy with my purchase! It brings me great joy just looking at it!! 

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  1. What an adorable dress! I am so glad you got it! And as long as you can get it on now, I think you are pretty safe in thinking that it will be the right amount of "loose" when you lose the additional weight that you want to!


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