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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hints at a Redneck Story.... To come?.... Maybe...

So I have a few minutes in the middle of this very busy week and I thought I would get on to do a bit of an update and place a prayer request and maybe vent just a bit.

So last week I had set a goal to work out with weight 3 times- it didn't happen~ thankfully I was able to get 2 work outs in and a workout with out weight, plus I walked 4 times. So overall it was a very good day in the exercise department. That is good news. You can't have fitness unless you put out an effort- it does not just happen. And it doesn't happen over night either- be patient with yourself.

 Be watching for some great posts talking about the "benefits of" the different health laws. I have recently came across some great info that might help encourage you to develop some healthy habits just by some of the info that I will be sharing. Also be watching for a post about a new toy my husband got me for Mother's Day! Something I have wanted for quite some time. Enough about that right now.

I'd appreciate some prayers for me and my family. There is a long drawn out story- a red neck story that I will save you from having to hear- but my family really needs some prayers for a wall- a large wall- of protection to be around my family. I might share some day but right now it makes me sad and a bit embarrassed so I just ask for prayers. God knows what is going on. Also tomorrow morning I will be going to my 6 month check up with my oncologist so I need some prayers for that. Thankfully the dark cloud of cancer has not been as much a bother this time- I might be getting used to it or I'm too busy to worry that much. It could also be that I spent all my worry energy on the breast cancer scare and on this family situation. By the way prayers will be needed on Monday morning for my family as well. Once Monday is behind us I think a weight will be lifted from my shoulders, but I'm a little afraid to hope it will all be gone at that point.

On my burgundy quilt that I am really wanting to get quilted- I have started the quilting- I have made several passes and have figured out a new way to do it that will make the quilts come out nicer. And I am happy about that. But my needle broke and I have had to order more needles- I have order 5 packs of 5 - cheapest way to order them. I don't want to get stopped agon just because I don't have needles.

It's only 6pm and I am exhausted - that's what happens when you have to wake up at 4:45am. I am gonna half to get to bed early tonight. I have to leave my house at 8:30am to get to my apt. Hoping I can get my next apt a little later in the morning. Hope you all are doing well. :)

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