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Thursday, May 11, 2017

As Long as You Do Not Stop....

So last night my cousins wife posted this photo on facebook and said that this was how she was going to be eating for the next two weeks.
Apparently she will be having weight loss surgery in  2  weeks.
It is kind of discouraging to me. I know I have shared this with you all before just a couple of weeks ago. But really folks- it is hard on those of us who are trying to lose weight the old fashioned way. The last  couple of weeks I have really put out great effort to exercise more than I had been. I have figured out for me to lose weight -  I have to exercise - quite a bit.  And what is frustrating is when you are putting out such efforts and it doesn't seem to be working at all. I know that my body is improving and my health is improving but the scales are not  encouraging  me at all. And it is easy to get discouraged. It really feels like I have to put out so much more effort that most people in order to lose weight. And sometimes it does not seem fair.
 Then I saw this on Facebook and I was encouraged to continue to do what I know is the right way to lose weight. It will all be worth it in the end.

I just refuse to give up. Next week I will go see my oncologist and thankfully I will be down at least 10 - 12 pounds than I was  6 months ago when I saw her last. And I am thankful for that. And I will continue to work towards my goals - and 
If you are working towards better health - I encourage you - don't give up when you don't see results as quickly or as often as you would like. It will happen. It is worth it to take care of yourself.

And don't allow people who have had weight loss surgery to discourage you - there are drawbacks to that - that will make their life's difficult. You may never hear of the problems they have - but just to name a few that I have been told by people who have had the surgeries:

If they eat too fast they end up throwing up or getting indigestion

Just because a person has a weight loss surgery there are no guarentees that the weight will not come back - I know of several people 5 people who have gained weight after the surgeries - several of them are back at their top weights.

Some of the surgeries  - cause your body not to be able to get nutrients from your food. And one lady said she has had all sorts of problems with low iron- and has had to have transfusions - and will probably have to have another one in the near future.

There are health issues that arise in those who have had the surgeries because of the stress it puts on the body - especially those who have the surgeries that prevent the body from being able to take nutrients from the food - I think it is the gastric bypass surgery that causes this.

Take good care of your bodies  - get exercise. Get plenty of rest. Do the things you know you should do to take care of you - and  work towards health! :O)

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  1. Keep going! You are losing weight in a healthy way. Weight loss surgery is so hard on your body, and I have also heard that people have life long problems often times as a result of the surgery.


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