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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Goal Setting

Last week ended up being a busy week in which I got much less exercise than what I would have like. So it looks like this week I need to again set some goals for myself.

So the weather app right now is showing a chance of rain almost every day. I'm hoping that some how I can still fit in at least 2 walks, more would be great but I'm trying to set reasonable goals here. And the fact that Campmeeting begins on Wednesday night and Thursday and Friday I have seminars that I want to attend will could limit the number of walks I can go on~ I'll just have to play it by ear.

So I'm planning to try to get at least 2 walks in, 2 workouts with weights and 2 workouts without weights. These are the goals I am setting for myself.

Last week I only got to walk once, workout with weights once, workout without weights once, and weeded the garden and picked produce. Yes I'm claiming this as exercise- if you could feel how sore the back of my upper legs are- you would know I got a good work out!

What I notice is the weeks I don't get as much exercise in are the weeks I don't see much change on my scales. And because I know that the week after this week will be a very busy week again I really need to focus on trying to lose this week.

The weight is coming of slowly, which can be frustrating sometimes, but it is actually the best way to lose weight. It's easier for your body to adjust to. And when you add exercise I believe it also helps your body firm up and look nicer after the weight loss. You lose weight too fast or without exercise and you will likely end up with a bunch of loose skin and that's not the results that we want. So slow weight loss can be discouraging at times but don't let it stop you from making progress. Continue on in persistence. If you continue on- you will see results! And it will be SO worth all the effort you have put in!

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