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Monday, February 29, 2016

Monthly Clothing Report

 So at the beginning of the year I shared about my Record Book. I decided to create a record book in order to help me see how much money I spend on clothes each year. It has also helped me to be more particular with what I buy which is a very good thing. It just really helps me to really think about each purchase and make sure that I really like the items. In fact on the same shopping trip that these two tops were found - I also found 2 other tops. They had great designs on them that made me really like them. The color of them were great - red and purple. But as I really thought about them - I realized that the fabric that the tops were made of would really not work for me, so I put them back. And as I think back over it, I really am glad that I put them back.  
These two tops are the first things I have bought this year. 
So on this last day of February I am sharing with you all the clothing that I have bought this month.
About 2 weeks ago I went to a local Goodwill. While I was there I found 2 brand new/ with tags still on them - Liz and Me tops- they were only $4.49 each.   
I don't know if you can tell in the photo, but one thing that I love about this black one is that it has gathers at the sleeve - which make them kind of puff- makes the top more feminine. It also has some little gems that shine in the sunlight.  

This green one also have some of the gems. Please excuse the face that in these photos that the tops look a bit wrinkly. They are really nice tops. I was thrilled with that find. It's great to pay less for 2 tops than what most people pay for 1 top!
So there you have it - the clothing that I have bought this month.

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