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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Better than a New Year's Resolution

Remember how I shared that this was my new "Hopes and Dreams" keeper?
Well as I shared in the original post- I have already written some hopes and dreams that I have in the book. A little over a week ago I had one of the hopes fulfilled and I hope to type up that post and hopefully get it posted tomorrow. I also have another hope/dream that we are in the process of working towards - but it looks like it will take a couple more weeks to come to fruition- and that is ok - it will work out in God's timing for me. I will post when it happens, you can be assured of that!

There is something else that I learned about my "Hopes and Dreams" keeper. It is better than a New Year's Resolution! It really is. With a New Year's resolution, you set goals and then you work towards achieving those goal. And the point is that you fulfill the goals in that calendar year. The only problem with that is that many times within a few short months and sometimes even in a few short weeks- we have fallen off the wagon and given up on that goal.

With my "Hopes and Dreams" keeper - I have written my hopes and my dreams in this booklet and ever so often I review them. And ever so often when I have a new hope or a new dream - I add it to my list. I also get the booklet and ever so often I write down steps that I am taking in order to fulfill a certain hope or dream.

The reason why I think that my "Hopes and Dreams" keeper is better than a New Year's resolution is because it does not limit me to one year. It is a lifetime that I have in order to fulfill my hopes and my dreams.

For example, in the past I have had goals to lose weight and to get healthier- well once I fell off the wagon - I gave up. But with my new "Hopes and Dreams" keeper- I have my goals written down- if I make a bad choice or if I don't exercise one day - it is not the end of my efforts. Nope, I just try to pick up and continue on when ever I can. And the goal is still in effect. I am still working towards this long range goal.

I wish I had have thought of this keeper sooner. I could kick myself in the butt- really I could. Just a few years ago _ I had lost 50 pounds or so - after a year of working toward being healthier. I was in much better shape and felt really good. And I fell off the wagon. Life happened- circumstances that knocked me down. And I used food in order to comfort myself. I have a tendency to do that sometimes -even now if I don't watch myself and if I don't go to Jesus to fulfill my needs when I am feeling sad, lonely, hurt, or whatever negative feelings I am having. There is a chance that if I had have had my keeper of hopes and dreams I could have dusted myself off and could have decided to get back to taking care of myself. But the truth is that I have had to do a lot of growing since then to now. I had to learn to trust in God. So to be honest- maybe I was not ready to be held accountable - long term till now.

So now I am going to decide that I have made this decision to get in better shape and to take better care of me. I am going to exercise and make better choices of what I eat and drink. And I am slowly going to make my way to my goal- to be healthier - not only for today, but also for tomorrow as well. And on each of my birthdays to follow. I have it written down- I am working on steps every single day to fulfill this hope. And by slowly working towards it- I can accomplish it and see this dream come true. And many more. Stay tuned will be telling of a dream that I have had for several years- and how it has come true! :o)


  1. That is such a neat way to look at it! I love your hopes and dreams posts, and I can't wait to hear about the hopes fulfilled. I'm finding the same thing ever since you inspired me to keep one of these journals. Things I would never think of as a new year's resolution, I write down in my hopes and dreams journal, and it keeps me working toward them even when I get off track for a while.


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