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Monday, February 8, 2016

Every Choice IS Important

This week end I looked up my folder that had all my papers that I got from the health seminar that I went to 4-5 years ago. And as I was looking through a few of the papers I noticed this written in my hand writing on one of the papers:

You are always at a cross roads~
 either your health is getting better or going down hill
~ it depends on the choices you make each day.

It really got me thinking. This is so true- each day we face very important choices. And sometimes we don't realize the importance of these choices.

Choices like:
When we go to bed?  Early so our bodies get plenty of rest and so that our bodies will have time to recoup from the abuse give then during the day? Or are we going to say up late- burning both ends of the candle?
What we choose to drink? Water that will provide our bodies with much needed hydration or drinks that, in fact, dehydrate us( caffeinated drinks to this to our bodies)
What we choose to eat? Will we eat first class foods like fruits, veggies, nuts and grains?
Or will we eat processed foods - that give a little nutrition but no where near the amount that the first class foods provide.
Will we exercise? Will we choose to make exercise a priority and try to work in some every single day? Or will we choose to have a sedimentary lifestyle - which is not good for us. It's best to exercise at least a little every single day? Also why not throughout the day - try to spend a bit of time stretching or maybe make some extra trips around the house or around the block. Every bit of moving helps-so see what you can do to add more movement into your day!

 I know for me- over the last couple of weeks when I finally decided that my health was worth the effort to make the changes needed for me to feel better. I am still in the process of making changes. Just a little here and there. I want to be making choices for better health. It is up to me.

And as this meme that I borrowed from Facebook says - we can't go back - but we can start today. How about it? How about adding an extra serving of fruit or veggies to a meal. Or a 10 minute walk after a meal? Or how about choosing to go to bed a little earlier so you can get some rest?

And how about leave me a comment and let me know what you are choosing to do so that your health will be getting better and not worse. It just might be something I haven't thought of. And maybe it will help encourage me in this journey to being in better shape and healthier and feeling better. :O)


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  2. I have found that an important question to ask is: 'Who will you choose to listen to'.

    Moving away from folk who promote negativity - and insist on poo-poo-ing my attempts to improve my health - is necessary to my mental health. ;-)

  3. Moved the comment so as not to cause confusion. The R.M. Jackson above is the same as this Ruth. Oops! :-D

  4. I have been struggling with bedtime for a long time. I keep trying to reach my bedtime goal, but although I've made progress, I'm not where I'd like to be. Tonight, and hopefully each night for the rest of the week, even the weekend, I am shooting for getting to bed before 10:00.


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