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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hitting the Jackpot!

Today I hit the jackpot!! I noticed that a lady had a lot of really pretty flowers in her basket and they had the red clearance stickers on them. Well I was on a treasure hunt then. So I looked around the garden center till I found on the back wall - a couple of shelves of things that were marked half off. When I saw these flowers in pretty blue planters - for only $3.50 - I just could not pass them up. Our house is yellow and so I thought the blue would look really nice. And these pretty flowers - a pretty little bonus.

Look at the back seat of my car. I got a few herbs - so that I can get a herb garden going. I found them for $2.00 a piece. The are pretty good sized too. I could have found some cheaper - but they would have been smaller containers and plants. I was so thrilled with my finds today. And I passed up a few other great deals cause I just did not have the money. > I had bought a pair of brand new capri's a couple of months ago - thinking I might get a size smaller - well it is a good thing that I kept the receipt cause I have maintained my size. And there is no telling for sure if I will lose another size or not. The other reason it was a good thing that I have the receipt - is that they were already marked down $2.00 and I would have lost out on that money had I not had the receipt. Well after getting my money back - I only spent about $6.00 more money for ALL of the plants that I got. 2 of the blue planters(shown in first photo) 1 hanging thing of what I have seen referred to as rose moss. They are so pretty and for only $5.00 for a hanging thing of flowers - again I could not pass it up. I got 2 things of petunias for my flower bed. I got 2 chives, 1 parsley plant, and a Greek oregano. I did not notice that it was Greek oregano - so when I get done here I will be researching the difference from just plain oregano to Greek oregano - if any of you know, let me know. Anyway - I was very pleased with what all I got.

I noticed some really cute flowers on clearance at HEB but did not see them till I had left - so I might just have to run back up there tomorrow for a couple of them for my flowerbed that we just put in the front yard today - this flower bed is around a Red bud tree that we planted. I am so happy to see all the great improvements around my yard.

The job that I began the day with - was clearing up the area between a couple of trees on one side of our driveway. And trimming a lot of the branches down that were hanging way low. I am sorry - I just keep forgetting to take photos. But believe me it looks better. We still need to get our chain saw fixed cause there are a few things that need to be cut down several different places around the yard. I just make a list and hope that one of these days this job can be crossed off of the list. Well I hope that you all are finding beauty around you. :o)

Added: It looks like Greek oregano is the most common used oregano - so it looks like I got the right stuff! Yay! I have not used a lot of fresh herbs but I have always thought that the idea of having an herb garden sounded cool - and not I will be able to have one! :O)

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  1. Those flowers and herbs are a special gift from God to you--He knew you would find them and appreciate them! I love it when things like this happen! :)


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