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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Day's Work

Today is one of my day's off - but that does not mean that I am not working. First thing this morning I went out and got to work on some trees in my chicken pen. This first photo is the tree I started with - and actually this is not a before photo - but and "after" photo. I had cut a few branches off and really did not have a lot to go when I noticed something that stopped me in my tracks. There was a yellow jackets nest at probably about the level of the middle board on the fence - in the middle of the tree. On the nest - there was probably about 8-10 yellow jackets. Well I called my son and asked him to get the wasp spray and come out and help. He did and sprayed and killed the yellow jackets that were on the nest.

Well I decided to work on a different tree, since there was such a strong smell of poison.

So this is a photo of a tree that is at the back corner of our chicken pen. I had already cut a few things out. For some reason my main concern is to get these jobs done and then an after thought is that I can share about it on here. Sorry for not having totally before photos- it would give a much clearer of photo of what I am doing. I was so pleased with what the results were once I got done cleaning up this area.
Now - I do miss the fact that all of the branches and such did kind of create wall of privacy - but I would much rather have our yard look nice.

I also cleaned up the trees to the right in the photo. There a tree that is to the far right that I want to work on cleaning up but that will be another day. Once I get all of these trees cleaned up - I have piles and piles of limbs and some small, whole trees to carry over to our burn pile. And of course, my chicken's were helping out. Do you see the yellow chicken in the middle? She is laying down just enjoying herself.

By the way, yesterday at 7pm - our thermometer said 100 degrees. Just thought I would share our 7 day forecast. I am worried that we are going to have a hot summer with the temps already being this high. I hope you all have a great day! I am cleaned up and have a list of stuff to do inside and also some errands to run. :o)


  1. oh your girls are so pretty
    here comes the heat
    hope this finds you well

  2. What a huge difference in your tree back in the corner! I didn't think the "before" picture looked too bad--but then when I see the "after" picture, it really IS a lot nicer! Great job!

  3. Thanks you guys! yes - I am afraid we will have one hot summer.
    Lisa :O)

  4. Hi Lisa!
    Thanks for your nice compliment on my "homeschool" room. I have pondered for a long time how I can possibly get myself more organized for homeschool, and kept coming to the conclusion that my materials were too spread out. I am hoping this will help, to have them closer together and maybe they will not get misplaced that way....

    We are going to have a hot summer as well. We have gotten a couple days now that are a bit cooler, but before that we had 14 days in a row of in the 90's, and that is not the normal for this time of year around here. Hummm....maybe I should move my homeschool room down into the cool basement afterall! ;)


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