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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Healthy IS Better

I have to confess I have not done very good with my healthy choices the last few days, and believe me - I can tell a difference. A BIG difference.

On Tuesday my Mother in law had an appointment with a surgeon. She had been dealing with an infection for 3 - 4 months. She had taken 4 - 5 rounds of powerful antibiotics and still the infection would not go away.

She left the Dr. office at about 1:45pm after being told that she would have surgery the next day to remove the infection. But that they would call her with the time.

She got back to the store(that she owns and runs and that I work at) at about 2:00pm. There was a lot of things that she wanted to take care of before the procedure would be done. But she waited by the phone. At 4:30pm she called the Dr. office asking if they knew what time yet. they told her -"Oh someone will call you."

All this time I was kind of stressing out. I knew that I would have to do my job, do the bookwork and deposit and cover for her on the grill. But there was also a chance that I might have to take her to the hospital. And the not knowing if that would be my responsibility, on top of a lot of other stuff in my life stressed me out.

Anyway I decided to get myself a root beer - sounds harmless, right? Well I had also gotten one the day before and then I had not had time to fix a good meal for myself so ate junk and by yesterday afternoon I was feeling it. I had a headache and was very tired.

Well this morning, before going to work I took the time o make a batch of my black bean with corn chili. I also took the time to eat a good breakfast of a peach, banana, an orange and my oat groats.

With my black bean with corn chili for lunch I had a few raw carrots. I also did a better job at drinking my water. It is a lot easier when you do no drink sodas.

So I confess to making bad choices and believe me I have paid for it. And I have to say that Healthy is better.

Now to get off of here and get to bed. I have really been trying to get to back on my schedule of going to bed at a decent time. I should already be in bed. But I had written up this post earlier and just had to post it today to make it true for how it is written. Make the right choices to take care of you - you are worth it. :o)


  1. hello
    say ask her to go to an immunologist
    she may well be having a primary immune issue
    new tech and most docs miss it

  2. I will sure tell her about this. Thanks for the info!
    Lisa :o)


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