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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Needed a New Perspective

During the couple of months leading up to July, I had a lot of extra things going on making it seem very difficult to get my exercising in. I did the best I could during that time.

Then July got here. And all my responsibility. The responsibilities that limited what I could do even more. I had to be ready for the day and at my son's house by 6:45am. Doing things with my granddaughter and trying to keep up with at least the basics around here- making meals for her and I and then supper for everyone every night. There was a lot of things on my plate - but I ended up doing very well when it came to exercising, better than I expected.

Now that my granddaughter has gone back to her Mom, I have a new perspective. I now realize that I have more time than I realized I had. I have time to exercise. It just took having other things pulling for my attention and me knowing that exercising was important to me, for me to find the time to exercise. So maybe the lesson here is if you really want to do something - you will make time for it. Things that are important for you to do will find a place in your schedule. You will find creative ways to fit them in. It just takes a new perspective sometimes.

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