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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Key Limeade...and Making Things Last and Prayers Requested

 So yesterday we had to say goodbye to our sweet granddaughter. About 30 minutes or so before she left - I noticed that her eyes were watering- she was tearing up. It about broke my heart. I know from what she told me last week that she doesn't want to leave her Daddy and it made me start tearing up. I try so hard not to cry when she leaves because I am a sensitive person and I feel she could be as well. And I don't want to make her sadder by knowing how very much we all will miss her. I think she has enough sadness to deal with than to deal with her Grammie crying. Anyway so I have been emotional every since - we all are missing her. So I would sure appreciate prayers for her and for us. We all need them. Thank you so much :O)
Anyway - on to what I wanted to post about today.
I basically just drink water now. Its so much better for you than a lot of the other things out there. It's not good to drink with your meals and it isn't really good to snack in between meals so there really isn't a good time to drink stuff. Plus there is a lot of sugar and carbs in drinks and those things are not really good for you either.
While my granddaughter is here - she loves Key Limeade! And she always asks for it when she comes to visit. In order to provide something that she likes to drink with less of the bad stuff - I try to make it when I can, this summer was no exception.
I process and squeeze the juice out of the limes and put the juice for one pitcher full into these small Tupperware containers and put them into my fridge - that way I can get some made up quickly when needed.

This morning I noticed that I had several of my container left.-She will have to go back to her Mom tomorrow night, so I decided to freeze the juice so that I could have it for the next time she comes. It will not be made up and kept in fridge while she is not here.
So I pulled out my small ice cube containers - that cost me a quarter a piece and froze up the juice.
Then I put them in the freezer. Several hours later - I have these two batches ready to go. This takes care of a need later and also saves money by using what I have.
Just in case you are interested in how I make key limeade I had added the recipe. 

You will need:
 6-8 key limes
1 Cup Sugar 
6 1/4 Cups Water 

We used 7 limes and it was delicious! 
Squeeze the juice out of your limes and put the juice into your pitcher. 
Next add 1 cup of sugar. 
Then pour in 6 1/4 cups of water. 
Stir well. 
I would suggest serving with ice. And you can always add some maraschino cherries along with some of the juice. 
This is such a refreshing drink.

Also remember that key limes last longer when you store them in the fridge. The price of them have gone up - since I have posted about this in the past- but I still feel that it is a pretty good deal - consider you know what you and your children are drinking when you make this up.

Hope you all are staying cool. It has "cooled" off here in Texas - temps are still in the mid 90's and with the heat index it feels warmer than that. But we were having temps in the upper 90's and 100's with heat indexes in the mid 100's or a bit higher. So you don't have to pull out the sweaters just yet... lol. They probably won't be needed here till mid Oct or later....sad but true.

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