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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Raw Honesty

Lately I have been thinking a lot about my recent weight loss. I have wondered now and then why it seems that although I have lost enough weight that it is very obvious why it doesn't always seem obvious to those around me. It seems like in times past that I have craved compliments about weight loss and how it would help propel me on to be able to continue on in working towards weight loss. And this time I have also wanted the "way to go's" but I have been learning that my progress is there whether it is acknowledge or not.

Another thing that has come to mind has been - a lot of these same people that I would love to hear applause from about losing weight have, in fact, seen me lose weight in the past - only to put it back on. So to be honest - maybe the thoughts are - "I wonder how long she will keep it off this time." I wouldn't blame them at all. It is only normal to wonder- when that has been what has happened in the past. But there are somethings that are different now- the main one is ME.

I am different now. Once you hear the words "It was cancer" - you change. You are no longer the same as you were before. Once you go through treatment for cancer- the long list of things for that year - I will not bore you with but I have a journal with the list of things and it is long. Those of you who have been around the last 3- 4 years will remember hearing of quite a few of them - I am sure not all - cause I did not share them all here. When you have had cancer - there is a little dark cloud- it hangs around - and without warning- the emotions flood through. Something will trigger a memory or thought and tears will well up in my eyes. Last Sabbath- I heard an excellent sermon - I will try to share it here soon- you would all be blessed by it. It was awesome - anyway the very first sentence out of her mouth was - You get a phone call and the Dr say "You have Cancer" and I almost lost it. Thankfully I pulled it together and was tremendously blessed by the sermon. Anyway back to my point - before when I lost weight I did not have so much riding on keeping the weight off. I did not have so much riding on me continuing to take care of myself and make good choices. Before I was naïve and thought it wouldn't happen to me. Now I know it can happen to me. And if I want good health I have to make choices like I want good health.

I am tired of working towards weight loss and then gaining it all back. I am tired of my efforts being in vain. I am tired of allowing myself to get out of shape and lazy. I enjoy feeling better. I really enjoy the way I eat now. Yes - there I are times I wish I could go to Dairy Queen and get myself a chocolate Chip blizzard. And honestly ever so often I do know - but it is done far between and other choices for the day have been wisely made. It is ok to have treats from time to time - it is important to make good choices most of the time - shoot for 80% of the time higher if you can.

Anyway so yeah - people might be wondering how long is this going to last - let them. I am determined to lose this weight and to keep it off. God has given me the tools in which to do it this time. He inspired me to set a goal - a goal that He put in my heart. A doable goal. Yes- it might take a while to reach this goal but slowly but surely I am making my way towards it. And I am even at the point of realizing that once I get there - I might be working towards a new goal- but I am not even going to worry about that until I reach the goal set before me now. And my way of setting a goal has also put myself accountable to myself in the future. Once I hit my goal - I will hold myself accountable to keep it off. It's what I have to do.

Taking care of oneself is very important. We do not just get health by doing what ever we want to do- no - we have to make good choices. We have to say no to the flesh and choose health. Why don't you choose health today? What steps can you take in order to be healthier tomorrow? It is a one choice at a time - one day at a time way to live. Choose Health.

***Plus - when I went to my Dr yesterday - She was very proud of the progress that I have made! And that made me feel good! I even have it in writing!! :O)

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  1. I am so glad you have a supportive doctor! That makes a big difference! Honestly--last week I made an appointment with my doctor simply because I needed to hear some words of affirmation from her, and I thought I would if I went to see her. I was not disappointed! It was totally worth paying the copay for some of her time so I could talk with her about some things. No one has noticed that I have been losing weight either--but my body has noticed! And my clothes have noticed, and "I" have noticed! And we are worth taking care of ourselves!


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