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Sunday, April 23, 2017

My Best Deal Last Week

Ever so often I find such great deals that I just have to share. Last week was one of those times. For the last couple of weeks between my appts and my mother-in-laws appts and everything else I have been very busy. And it came to the point that I needed a mental health day.
 I decided to hit several Goodwill's and a couple of thrift shops. I actually went to 4 Goodwill's without finding a single thing. That is unusual, but I am trying to be particular and not but stuff unless I love it. And in the middle of weight loss - you have to be selective about what you buy.
Next I went to a favorite thrift store - it is about a 30 minute drive from my house, but well worth the trip- most times I go. That is when I found my best deal of the week! A pair of Gap Jeans. When I looked at the tag and it said 99 cents - I was like - ok what is wrong with these jeans. I looked them over really well. I noticed on a tag inside - it had the date they were made 2010. That is not a big deal to me. If I like something - I don't really care when it was "in style." I also noticed that on the bottom of the legs in the back it looked like the jeans had been too long on the previous owner and they had walked on the jeans fraying them.  But when I tried on the jeans - I found they were also too long on me - which means I will hem them up and they will look nice. There is only one issue with these jeans. They are a size and a half smaller than I am now. Actually they at the size I was when I got married 28 years ago. So the truth is it was a bit of a gamble to get these jeans. There is not a guarantee that they will fit me when I lose the rest of the 18 pounds I want to lose- but I really think they will. I can get them on - just not zipped at this point. So it was a gamble worth taking - and for only 99 cents- how could I go wrong. Hopefully by next winter I will be able to wear them.
Now I also need to add a few little things. It is not always best to buy the cheapest things - sometimes there are valid reasons why the item is so cheap. So any time you find a really good deal - look the item over - you may find out why it was priced so cheap. And then again you might find that the reason is something that you can easily fix. Sometimes when I have found something cheaply listed - I have never figured out why.

Would love to hear about the best deals you all have found. Have a great day! :O)

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