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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Beloved Names of God....El-Elyon



The Lord thundered from heaven; the voice of the Most High resounded.
Psalm 18:13 KJV
  • Name of God the Father
  • The title "Most High" can be found fifty-nine times in the KJV.
  • El-Elyon is a term believed to predate the time of Moses and refers to "God the Most High."
  • In his psalm of praise, David joyfully recounts how he called on God to scatter his enemies, including King Saul. The terrifying results included earthquakes, fire, the Lord thundering from heaven, and chasing David's enemies with bolts of lightening. David said the Most High rescued him in his time of need because "he delighted in me" (Psalm 18:19).
The term El-Elyon frustrates scholars. They argue and debate over whether it refers to a created god, a creator; one god of two, a god with multiple attributes, a god who died, or the god who took his place.
Sometimes a little education can be a dangerous things, leading to desperate confusion over something the youngest child of faith knows and David most certainly knew- that there is, and could only ever be, one Most High!
Next week we will be looking at "Prince of Peace" :O)

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