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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

How Weight Loss Surgery Has Affected My Life

With all of the health information that I have shared - I bet you are surprised that I am going to bring up the issue of weight loss surgery. Well don't be too surprised - I have not had weight loss surgery and I am NOT considering weight loss surgery but it has affected my life.

In my small circle of people I know there have been at least 11 people have a weight loss surgery, a sister-in-law, 3 going to be 4 cousins, a woman who goes to church with me (who I never thought was heavy enough to qualify for weight loss surgery, and several other people.

One of my cousins had the surgery just about a week ago and she said that in 3 days she had lost 7 pounds! What?! To those of us like me - who have been working on losing weight for 10 months- it is frustrating to hear of someone losing weight that fast. Once I heard that they removed 80% of her stomach and that when she works up to eating normal food - it will only be about 1/2 of a cup of food at a time... who wants to eat such a little amount? And how in the world will she get the nutrients needed?

A lady I know who runs a local consignment center shared with me how she had a weight loss surgery several years ago. Afterwards they found she had kidney cancer- and now is cancer free. The sad news is that she is anemic and has a super hard time getting the nutrients that she needs. And she may end up having to have a blood transfusion - to help the anemia. - and all of this is because of the weight loss surgery and the fact that she has a super hard time getting nutrition since her surgery.

Three people I know have gained back all the weight -some more than they weighed before.

I have another cousin who as soon as she can get the insurance to ok her having a weight loss surgery will be having the surgery. I wish these people would look into eating a more plant based diet. I wish that they realized the importance of getting nutrition through the foods we eat. Our bodies need the nutrition and when we make poor choices in what we put into our bodies, our bodies suffer. And sometimes it take quite some time to see the results of the abuse you put our bodies through.

It may be because I have been having to wake up at 4:40am -but I was doing alright when I was messaging my cousin (who just had the weight loss surgery) but when I found out that another cousin is seriously considering having the surgery- it really bothered me. I have worked quite some time and have lost a total of 32 pounds. And my cousin and others having these surgeries will lose that amount of weight or more in a month. And it just makes it a bit more challenging for me - especially during the times that I am struggling with being on a plateau. Or when life is so busy that I don't have the time to get the exercising in, or the times that my heal hurts so bad that I am struggling with being able to exercise, or the time my knees were really bothering me(still bother me a bit but nothing like they were). I am thinking through all the important health information that I have learned and realizing that the best way to take care of me - is to continue to work towards health.

I am realizing that the desire for instant gratification is what lures people to have these surgeries - God teaches patience. If you don't believe me, why don't you look in the Bible and see all the verses that mention "waiting on the Lord" will notice it happens more than you would like. We are to wait on the Lord. Instant gratification does not teach us anything. We don't have a chance to learn lessons when we get what we want- when we want it. It teaches us to want everything instantly. Patience really is a virtue. If you need to lose weight - I would highly recommend you look into healthy living. Be patient and allow God to help you get to your goal. He will supply all your needs.

One more thought- one of the comments by a weight loss patient was - "instead of eating a whole bag of chips- I will eat just a couple and be satisfied." Their desire is to be satisfied. This is another area in which we need the Lord. He will satisfy our souls. Food and weight loss will not satisfy our souls. That is what God will do for us. Let's depend on Him.

I hope this makes sense. And I hope that if I can help support one person to approach weight loss in a healthy way - it would mean the world to me. Please consider your health. Value it. Protect it. Instant gratification will not get you what you want.

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  1. Very well said! And know that you have definitely been an encouragement to me when I have grown weary of putting the effort in to taking care of myself!


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