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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Just A Few Little Blessings

So last week I took the $12.00 top back to Walmart. I just could not justify spending that much money on a top that was a bit short and there was not telling how long I would be able to wear it.
I stopped by a little thrift store in a nearby town. This shop runs a bit higher on their prices of clothing. And usually I don't find much of things that I really like anyway. So I was very surprised when I found this cute top - that still had the original tags on it.
It cost me $5.00. I think it is a very cute top. It is a little lower neck than I usually like to wear so I may end up having to wear a cami under it. This is a top that can be worn more long term so it was well worth the money spent on it.

I also found another awesome deal! I found this great cookbook!
On the back of this cookbook it states $24.99 as the original price. I looked it up on Amazon and could probably get it for around 10.00. But I found it in mint condition - for $1.50. What a sweet blessing! It looks like it has some awesome recipes and I can not wait to try some of them!
Today I thought I would share a couple of photos - this first one is actually not a before photo- it is actually a between photo- but it will give you an idea of where I have come from. This photo was takin in mid September.
The photo below was taken this last Sabbath - the church that I went to have a great mirror on the wall in one of the bathrooms. So I decided to get a photo.

This next photo is actually a before photo. It was taken in mid June of 2016. I was tagged in this photo on Facebook- I was not really happy but since the person who posted it was in her last weeks of life I just had to let it go. And the photo was posted in love. I had put the quilt together that we- the cat and I are sitting on and she was posting it on Facebook. Just remember - I must really like you guys to share this yucky photo with it.
Plus - it is really good to have these before photos - to help remind yourself where you have come from. When you are losing weight slowly then sometimes you can forget where you started the journey. When I look at this photo - I am SO thankful that I began this journey when I did. And all the effort is WELL worth it. It may take me an year or more to reach my goal but I an determined to continue to work towards my goal and to work to maintain once I get there.
Oh and I FINALLY saw my first hummingbird for the year on Friday! As I would review my memories on Facebook - every day for the past week - in one year or another it would mention seeing my first hummingbird. Others in the area had already seen hummingbirds- but I had not seen any yet and I was concerned. Friday evening I finally got to see one! I have seen several since them. It was just one of the little blessings that God blessed me with that day! Hope you are noticing how God is blessing you.  :O)


  1. You continue to inspire and bless! So fun to hear about your thrift store finds, as well as celebrate your amazing progress toward better health! What a blessing!

  2. I do not think the "before" picture is terrible at all! You are smiling beautifully, and the quilt and kitty are both pretty! But I do agree that you are looking so much healthier now. I appreciate your constant encouragement. You are right about slow weight loss--it can get discouraging because we don't see a difference. I have been losing around three pounds a month. I do not notice it at all, but after doing this for the school year my clothes are beginning to notice! 😀


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