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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

So last week I went to see my oncologist for my six month check up. I finally got my blood results back. I was a bit shocked and disappointed to see that my CA125 number had risen. It was only by a little over two points- but it is the rising of that number that is not good. I put a call into my oncology nurse and got a call back today saying that yes it had risen but I was till in the normal range so not to worry about it. I kind of knew that, but it is just not something you want to see. I had thought with me making better choices and all that the number could have come down even more than it did last time. Apparently the number does fluctuates some so it is normal. I just have to prepare myself before each visit not to panic or stress out if it has went up a bit.

I think I have already shared this but just in case I did not - I was happy to find out that I weighed in one pound less than the first visit that I had with the oncologist. Yay!! I still have a ways to go to get to my goal of losing 50 by 50 but I am almost to the halfway point. Praising God for that for sure! It is a real struggle for me to lose weight.
Although the scales have not moved a whole lot this month - I have had improvements in the way of how clothes fit that has helped encourage me along the path of weight loss.

So this cute top is one example of that. I bought it the end of October at a Goodwill Midnight Maddness sale. I paid $2.50 for this cute top. It was a bit too snug to wear. Well I wore it Sunday and loved it!!
These cute bling jeans are another item that I was able to wear on Sunday. My mother bought these cute jeans for me for my birthday last year- well they had been a bit snug and I thought that I would be able to lose weight and wear them last winter- I was not. It was very disappointed. Well when I got them out Saturday night and tried them one - they fit!!! Yay!
So although I haven't seen a major lose on the scales - I am making strides in the right direction still - by the clothes I can now wear. It is nice to get these small reminders that I am making progress. And I can't wait till I can come back on here and tell you about things fitting me that used to not fit. :O)
Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving - This year my birthday will fall on Thanksgiving - not my favorite thing but I deal with it anyway.
I am looking forward to Friday because the Goodwill's in our area are having a 1/2 price sale on Black Friday - and my sister and I are planning to go shopping. It is fun to shop for the new wardrobe that I am working towards getting into. I have already found a few really cute pieces.
Like these:

Ok - I better close. Have a great rest of the week! :O)

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