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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Come to the Garden....series


Come to the Garden

An Invitation to Serenity

by JoAnna O'Keefe

Lord, I feel fragmented
Like a broken pot of clay.
I've lost my focus;
I've lost my way.
I've poured myself out.
I'm drained. I'm dry;
I sense a discontent
I can't identify.
I feel rootless
Like rolling tumbleweed,
Moving, moving, moving,
Dizzy, from the speed.
I feel like quitting.
I feel self-doubt.
I'm tired, Lord.
I'm worn out.
How can I integrate
My scattered thoughts,
My dreams?
How can I find balance,
Freedom from extremes?
How can I slow down?
How can I release?
There are so many pressures.
How can I find peace?
Quiet, quiet, quiet,
my child, be still.
Listen to your feelings.
Discipline your will.
Come to the Garden,
The secret place we share.
My essence is in the Garden;
Come to Me in Prayer.
Transcend worldly cares.
Seek the Kingdom first.
Peace lies within;
It is for Me you thirst.
Accept your limitations;
Embrace humility.
Here lies the path to wisdom
And to maturity.

Come to the Garden,
The soul's sweet bouquet.
The flowers of tomorrow
Are in the seeds of today.
Together we will weed.
Together we will sow.
Together we will water.
Together, you will grow.

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