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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The 5 Steps to an Action Plan

Several weeks ago my sister and I started going to a 6 weeks Diabetes Workshop. It has been interesting and we have learned a few things that we are implementing in our lives. One of the things that we learned is how to make an action plan. Today I would like to share these steps with you so that you, too, can implement an action plan.

Before I do share the 5 steps, I would like to share an example of why making an action plan is a great idea. Last Tuesday my action plan was to do my rehab exercises at least 3 times a week. Well ever since I have injured my knee I knew that I needed to figure out a way to still get exercise in without damaging my knee any more. The only problem is that I had a hard time following through. I hadn't even gotten myself to look up my little packet of papers that gave directions of what exercise to do and for how long. Once I had put that as my action plan, and I knew I would have to report to the class the next Tuesday I became more serious. Well to be honest - I did put it off until Sunday when I knew that in order to accomplish my action plan I had better get busy. So I did it Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning. They had also handed out a little tool that told of exercises that could be done from a chair- and I decided to add that to what I did. And I ended up getting a good work out. And it is something that I will be working to continue even after my knee heals up - at least here and there.

Ok - so now to the steps of making an Action Plan:

1. Pick something that you WANT to do

2. Make this goal achievable

3. Make your goal action specific

4. Answer the question:
How much?
How often?

5. Set a goal that you have a confidence level of 7 or more (from 1-10)
If you are not at least 70 percent sure you can accomplish the goal change the details to something you have a good idea that you can accomplish.

Next week I will share some Problem Solving Steps.

Why don't you set up an action plan for yourself. You may want to share this information with a friend and see if they will make an action plan - that way you can be accountable to one another. I think it really helps to have someone - or a group to be accountable.

Oh and my 50 by 50 is a great example of an action plan. It is something I want to do, It is achievable. I have answered all the questions that deal with my goal and I have a pretty high confidence level that I can accomplish it. I gave myself several years to reach this goal and that way I just have to conintue working towards my goal.  

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