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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ladybugs....what are some of the "ladybugs" in your life?

This week I have been blessed to see 2 ladybugs. I haven't seen a lot of ladybugs this year - so I really do consider myself lucky to have seen 2 in one week - especially since it is October. Today while on my short, one mile walk(will explain more about that tomorrow) I saw a little ladybug on my walking trail. It was my second time around the 1/3mile loop. I began to wonder if it had been there the first time I walked the loop and I had just missed it. Then I began to wonder what blessings in my life I was missing out on celebrating because they are just common place?

As I was pondering what blessing I may be missing - I remembered my friend, Carolyn, who has moved along with her husband and two kids to Tonga so that the husband can teach. She says they don't have hot water- and if she wants a hot bath - she has to boil water. How lucky and blessed am I to be able to take a shower of any temperature I want!!

Last week I was watching a mission show that was talking about many places in the world do not have running water. Many times kids in the family miss out on going to school because they have the job of walking 20-30 minutes one way just to get water for the family - and this is not a once a day job - this is a several times a day job.

Other people in the world - have one water source - this is where baths are taken, clothes are washed, and drinking water is gotten. How blessed am I to be able to turn on the faucet and get a drink of water! Not everyone can do that.

These are just a few of the things that I have thought of just in my short walk. The list is inexhaustible when we just take some time to think of our many blessings. What ladybugs are in your life that you may have missed on the first loop around? Pay attention because you might be surprised as what blessing you find when you pay attention.

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  1. Good point! Running water--and hot water are both such blessings! Today I was making bread and the house was a little cool for the dough to rise, so I went and turned on the heat for a bit. What a blessing! Simply a switch on the wall, and my house is warm!


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