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Friday, October 14, 2016

Living A Truly Balanced Life...series

Do you want a life of total balance? There seems to be a lot of talk of being balanced, but never before have I seen any writing that shows how to be  truly balanced. That is until I began reading my newest book. If you want a life that is truly balanced be sure and stay tuned through this new series that I plan on doing. First I will begin with a bit of review of something I have shared before but it is important for us to review it before we move on. Trust me this will be relevant to our study.

Eight Health Laws
I really feel better when I follow the Eight Health Laws:

1. Get plenty of fresh air every day.

2. Eat a healthy diet of nutritious food. Try to get plenty of fruits and veggies and eat at least some raw fruits and veggies each day. (I like to say that I eat a plant based diet)

3. Exercise adequately - at least 30 minutes - 1 hour everyday -if you can not exercise this much at one time split it up into 3 sections of time of 10 minutes at a time. Something IS better than nothing.

4. Drink at least 8 glasses - or more of water each day.. sodas and coffee are actually a diuretic - which means they can not be included in the 8 glasses.

5. Temperance or Abstemiousness - moderation in all things
. Try to get at least a little sunshine each day - when the sun is out.
6.  Rest properly or peace. (7-8 hours of sleep is ideal) (Trying to get to bed by 10:00pm- your sleep before midnight is worth double the amount as sleep after midnight) 
8. Trust in God. Good Spiritual health really does contribute to good physical health.

When I follow these guidelines, I feel better, I am happier and I have a better outlook on life. So even though my carnal self - keeps fighting against doing the things that keep me healthier - I am choosing to claim these verses below:

"Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit in you, whom you have of God? And you are not your own,
20 for you are bought with a price. Therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's." 1 Corinthians 6:19 - 20

My body is the temple of God and my desire is to glorify God. And the way that I can do so -is to follow the 8 principles above.

So now my part is to continue to ask God lead me and to give me the strength to make the right choices. And when I fail - not to give up but to get up and try again.
Be sure to stay tuned for the series. I think it will be a blessing to you.
Just a heads up - some of these posts will be a little long - but please take the time to read through them - that way you can see how each thing relates to the other and get a better idea of how to have a truly balanced life in Jesus Christ.

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