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Thursday, October 13, 2016

One Step Forward.... Two Steps Back... Or so it seems

So last Friday I went to kneel down to get something from behind my sewing cabinet- sharp pain went through my left knee. This was the first signal that something was wrong. Thankfully the pain subsided and I thought I was back to normal.

Sabbath at church - I tried to kneel - but not too much pain.

On Monday, I noticed some stuff had fallen behind my desk in my room. So I quickly went to a kneeling position in order to get the stuff, only to suddenly feel the sharp pain - and also I felt something like a tear or something. Ouch! This time when I got up - I had a bit of pain that lingered.
This pain is actually coming from the outer part of my leg just below he left knee- and the pain radiates into the knee when weight is put on it.

I felt that I needed to go to the Dr to get it checked out. As you know I have been trying to lose weight and get healthier and a part of that is to exercise. And I needed to make sure that it was safe for me to continue exercising. I do not want to do more damage and have a serious injury that needs attention. I was able to get in to see the Dr later that day. She thinks that I have a small tear I the meniscus or I have serious pulled the muscle that connects to the knee. Either case - I have to take it easy. No more strenuous exercising and I have to limit how much I walk. Not only that but I need to walk on flat surfaces. This does away with my favorite part of my walking trail - which is the part that is partly uphill. It also does away with hiking- something that I really enjoy- at least for a while.

If I am not better in a month - I will have to go to an orthopedic Dr. Thankfully we have a great orthopedic dr - so I don't have to worry about that - but I do NOT want to have to have surgery or anything that will put me off my feet, away from exercising for a while.

I am going to need some prayers though. Because this injury - does not hurt me all the time - I easily can forget that I have an injury - which is not good. On Tuesday evening - I went to shut our shades in the living room - and I did what I have done many times in the past - I put my left knee down in the corner of the couch to get me closer to the cord- and of course - I had sudden pain. And felt that tearing sensation. Oh my goodness. It was sore for a while after that. Sore enough that I put ice on it. So I have to be more careful of what I do. And try to keep in mind that I have an injury that needs some pampering.

It has taken me a while to get this post written for a couple of reasons- mostly because I became discouraged. I really struggle with losing weight- it is a real challenge for me. And so when I found out that I was not going to be able to exercise like I have been - I got discouraged. I really would like to continue to lose weight. I do not want this injury to put that off. I have set several goals for myself - as I have shared - lose 50 by the age of 50 is the biggest goal I have. But I also have another goal and that had to do with my oncology appointment coming up in the middle of November. I would really like to be back at my pre chemo weight or at least as close as I can be by that appointment- I have about 5 weeks left till that appointment. I am past that discouragement that I felt mostly. I know that God is still in control and that for some reason He has allowed this injury to happen and that He will get me through what ever. I am thankful at this point I have the ability to try to take it easy and try to build up the strength in my knees and I have hope for healing and I also have hope for some more weight lose. I will up date you soon on that. If I get a chance I will have an update on Sunday about it- because of something else that God has shown me lately that I would like to share. Hopefully I will be able to get it written up then. If not by Tuesday.

Ya'll take care :O)

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