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Thursday, August 18, 2016

This Week Around Here....

Just wanted to check in and let you know that I am working on a new series. It is a long book - so it takes a whole lot of typing on my part- so I am hoping it is something that will bless you guys with better health. Here is a sneak peak at the book:

The name of the book is - Take 10~ Ten Dynamic Golden Rules That Help You Live Longer, Feel Better, and Look Good.

So this week we have had a bit cooler weather- that is a good thing since we are having to clean out our garage. We have been getting rain off and on the last few days and as of this morning - we had gotten about 2 inches. We are very thankful for the rain!

This week my husband has worked nights several days of the week- which messes with my schedule. And today is a bad traffic day for my husband - there was a fatality wreck and so he has been in traffic for 2 hours...ugh.
I have spent several hours typing up the first couple of posts in the above book- I will be starting it next week.
Oh one more thing - so I have read a couple of my favorite blogs but I have had a hard time leaving a comment- It asked me to post as ----and then options- and then won't let me post- so I am going to have to figure that out. I just don't understand why I have had such a hard time. Blogger used to be so easy to use and it seems like they made some changes and now things are challenging. Ugh....

Well I just wanted to check in and up date a bit of things going on around here. Hope you all are doing well.
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  1. It looks like a great book! Looking forward to learning from it! So thankful Jason was not IN the bad accident! Praying for the families that were. . .

  2. It does seem like Blogger has made some changes...I haven't figured everything out, but I find that if it asks me to "comment as" it usually works if I type the comment, copy what I said just in case, and then if it won't post it the first time, I just paste my comment again, and it usually posts the second time. Glad to hear your husband was not in the accident!


Hello~ I love getting your comments. I have made a few changes to make things a little easier for you and hoping a more enjoyable experience for both you and I. Have a blessed day! :o)