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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Come to the Garden.. And Invitation to Serenity...series

My sister gave me a neat little book called ~ Come to the Garden ~ An Invitation to Serenity that I thought would be a good book to go through since our series on the 23rd Psalm is over now. I hope that this series will bless each one of you in a special way. Today I will be sharing the introduction.

I wrote, "Come to the Garden," at a time in my life when I was physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted.  I felt along and defeated.

I remember calling my friend Ginger, and sobbing, "I feel like a broken pot of clay." She listened with a loving heart and answered softly. "I understand. Sometimes I feel I have poured myself out and there is nothing left." At that moment I knew I had to write- to sink into the depths of my feelings- and search for serenity.

As I wrote, tears of sorrow and despair dropped onto the blue lined paper and blurred the ink. I poured out my hear to the Lord, begging for relief, for solace, for peace. When I finished, the turbulence within was stilled and calm came over my spirit.

For two days I meditated, wanting to draw close to God, wanting to understand the mystery of suffering. Then, very gently, I was led to pick up my pen and write- "Quiet, quiet, quiet, my child, be still..."

It is my hope, that the meditations in this simple book will lead you to the Garden, that quiet place within, where God speaks in a whisper and miracles happen.

~JoAnna O'Keefe

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