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Friday, August 12, 2016

Good News? Bad News? Maybe Both

I am feeling very discouraged right now. Although I got some good news this morning, it doesn't outweigh the negative feelings I am having. And it's all a test for me to learn to trust God more and more. So which news should I start with, the good? or the bad?

I will start with the bad news since at the time of writing this I am crying. When I got my new Malibu 3 years ago, my husband began driving my old Malibu to work. It was a 2004 Malibu. It was a dependable car that hasn't given us hardly any problems at all. And the best part - it gets great gas mileage. At least 31-32 miles per gallon and has really helped our $$ situation ever since he started driving it to work each day. My husband had to commute about 50 miles one way to work. Well this morning on his way home from an over night shift- he was getting off the highway and he said the car felt like it had a blow out. Then the car kind of pulled one direction. Next thing he knows the car flies over a ditch and the car hits the embankment.... There ended up being no blow out. But what he did notice is that if the car hadn't have pulled to one side in the middle of this - there is a good chance that the car could have rolled. We spent several hours at the ER this morning- thankfully nothing is broke - he is just bruised and banged up pretty good. The plan had been to wait until December to get a new car for my husband. There are different details - like another loan that needs to get paid down before we go looking for another car- that made it a much better idea to wait until the end of the year to get another car. And the plan also included us keeping the 2004 Malibu as a emergency vehicle. It has been such a great car - I did not want to let it go. Now there is a super good chance that it will be totaled and we are 4 months out from when we really could get another car easily. So I am grieving the loss of a good, dependable car. And paid off car that got great gas mileage.

Ok -so the good news. Earlier this week I had my blood taken for an up coming dr appointment. My cholesterol level was high and so was my LDL. So my Dr had wanted me to take some medicine to help get the numbers down. Well once I read through the side effects- I just could not bring myself to taking the medicine - not without trying to do it through diet and exercise. So for the last three months I have been trying to live a better lifestyle- the beginning of July _ I got even more serious about it because of my husbands diagnosis. Anyway so this morning I was able to get my results back and guess what? I have brought my total Cholesterol down 50 points and I have also brought that LDL level down 50 points. I am a little disappointed because my HDL had dropped 5 points but I think if I continue to try to get exercise into my routine that I should be able to bring it up. So I will see my Dr on Monday to discuss the results of the blood tests and all. And I am hoping that she will be happy with the improvements I have made and that she will be patient with me as I try to continue to improve the numbers.

Anyway so right now I am feeling discouraged- maybe my husband is too- I am not sure. I know I sure am. We haven't always made the best decisions and I had been so proud of us for making a plan and being patient for it to work out. Now I feel like even if you try to make good choices - things don't always turn out how you want them to turn out. I am trying so hard to trust God.
5Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding.
6In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6
These are verses that I have been thinking a lot about lately maybe I need to continue to meditate upon them.

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  1. That is such great news about your blood work! God has plans to prosper you and not to harm you, and I bet He has your next car all picked out. No, things don't always go like we hope they will, but He will always take care of us.


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